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Hope is the Path - Global Initiative of the Society of Jesus

For the first time, different actors and processes of the Society of Jesus are launching a global initiative that seeks to put Hospitality and Hope at the center of our conversations as a true transformative process in the face of the situations of violence and protection gaps in which millions of forced migrants live around the world.

Once again this year, the Paths of Hospitality initiative is presented. Situations of violence and armed conflict; impoverishment and inequality; lack of access to life resources; and climate change cause more than 108 million people to be forced to start paths in different parts of the world. Through #WaysofHospitality we want to generate a future with hope for people seeking a dignified and peaceful future. Because #HopeIsThePath.

In this case, the action, in addition to being driven by the Social Sector of the Society of Jesus in Spain through the Hospitality campaign, picks up the call of the GIAN Migrations group (of the Global Ignatian Advocacy Network) to become a global initiative that can be replicated in several continents. Thus, this year Caminos de Hospitalidad is also promoted by the Jesuit Refugee Service Europe (JRS Europe), the Jesuit Network with Migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean (RJM LAC) and its Hospitality Dimension; and the International Federation of Fe y Alegría.

The initiative also presents a set of 10 demands addressed to the representatives of different governments around the world. Because it is more necessary than ever to stop the discourse that criminalizes migrants and to promote political measures that can guarantee their protection and reception.

In this year 2024, the global action proposal is also extended until the end of the year: it starts on the occasion of the International Day of Refugees (June 20), and will last until the date of the commemoration of World Migrants Day (December 18), with a series of milestones in between. On this page you can find 10 ways of walking, as examples, that can serve as inspiration to build the path.

We walk around the world for a future of hospitality and hope. Because hope is the way.  

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